The raised boardwalk into the uMhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve his sporting an iconic new chillout area, with the revamp of the old ablution blocks into a coffee kiosk having been completed.

Coffee and outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted with the appointment of Bike & Bean as the operator of the newly revamped Forest Café located at the northern end of the new boardwalk. The new facility will be up and running by 1 December.

Bike & Bean currently has two existing coffee operations on the beachfront and Point waterfront, both in Durban. Excited owner Viki Ferreira says: “We are ecstatic to have this opportunity working alongside the uMhlanga UIP and its stakeholders. We look forward to bringing to the public our usual top-notch Bike & Bean experience through a variety of meal and beverage options as well as the ability to enjoy the forest as an added benefit to the beach side café atmosphere.”

The uMhlanga UIP’s new boardwalk extends from the uMhlanga promenade into the uMhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve which is managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and who the UIP collaborates closely with. The kiosk, which was once a derelict ablution facility, is now completely revamped and sports a beautiful mural by street artist, Giffy. It was completed at the end of August and forms part of the broader boardwalk installation project which commenced in November last year.

Made from recycled plastic, the raised, wheelchair-friendly boardwalk’s design provides viewing decks overlooking the beach and lagoon and formalized access points from the boardwalk onto the beach. The infrastructure will be managed and maintained by the UIP.

The first 250m of the 1km long structure has been completed and the addition of the Forest Cafe will add a new attraction to the area. But there is still a long way to go to completion and the UIP is calling on local businesses and the public to get behind this worthwhile initiative which not only protects and enhances the natural environment but also supports job creation and tourism.

“This project further demonstrates the uMhlanga UIP’s goal to provide a clean, green, safe and desirable precinct where businesses and people can thrive. We call on all local businesses and the public to please donate towards the project either through our Zapper campaign or contact us directly to make a larger legacy donation. Every cent helps towards completing this fantastic structure which will add tremendous value to uMhlanga,” concludes uMhlanga UIP chairman John Lee.

How you can help!

This is a project the uMhlanga area desperately needs.

Both as a tourist attraction to simulate the hospitality industry devastated by COVID-19 and the unrest and resultant chemical spill and beach closure, and as an environmental safeguard for this unique area we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep and be custodians of for generations to come.

If you or your company would like to make a contribution to the completion of this exceptional project, (which you can even use zapper for), you may view the details by clicking on the UIP Image below, or email the address contained in the image for legacy donations.

It should be noted this is a Non-Profit organization.
Bellezar Restaurant in uMhlanga have been hugely supportive of the initiative and have started to add a R20 donation to bills over R200 in value. If you object to this you of course may request it be struck from the bill – If however you can afford the R20, please consider donating.
This is an investment in OUR community’s future.

If you are a restaurant owner in the uMhlanga area, please consider joining this initiative – Let’s make a difference as a community!

Acknowledgement and thanks to Mel from UIP for the information and assistance with the article.