Treasure mlima
drawing attention to the black mind

Treasure, simply plans to live by his name.

As I venture to self -discovery through art I’ll become rebellious by not following certain art principles and using unorthodox techniques, a reflection of what goes through my head and heart.
I plan to work on a life long series titled Honing, that will be anything else but linear, an exploration of different mediums will come into play also.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to share a part of me.

Peace and love.
Durban born artist, Treasure Mlima, 22, draws attention to the black mind, by exaggerating the meaning of life experiences in his quest for generational identity.
He captures moments of everyday experiences using bodies and faces of people through his wood carvings, which preserve his love for nostalgia.
The idea to balance time continues as his digitally juxtaposed images support his surrealistic approach blended with a universal colour scheme.

He slowly walks through the black community whilst inviting you into his own personal experiences in the new world.
His work is the face of the existing but unnoticed, and the subtle evoking of such moments allows him to take his place in the contemporary world.
Treasure believes the concept of self – taught is redundant.

”I don’t believe in it, but to shed light on any formal training regarding the discipline simply just High School level as I took Visual Arts at Northwood High School.

It was weird a journey, I never regarded or saw myself in the creative space. To go into full practice, It was the year 2019 as I looked to keep myself busy throughout the days as I decided on my next steps regarding my life and education. It began with simple portrait pencil sketches, but as I saw it was a saturated medium, I looked for something a bit challenging and unnoticed that’s when I picked up on woodcarvings/linocut.

Going back to the year 2019, as I drew portraits of celebrities, I’d share them on my WhatsApp statues people would comment on how they love my work to a point which they asked me to do some pieces on commission. I was fearful at first simply because this was technically not the plan but took the leap and the rest is history.

I’ll forever be grateful for those opportunities.

I’m simply inspired by existence, being alive so everything that I experience is a source of inspiration. This plays a huge role in creating art that is not repetitive which works very with who I am currently. I’m always looking to twist things because there’s more than what meets the eye, life is not black and white. My family and people are my biggest inspiration.
My biggest wish is for everyone to find their purpose and be at peace, beyond the structural and systematic function of society.

For now I’ll take Contemporary as the genre I conform to, but I’d like to develop a hybrid genre, something that consists of a bit of everything.

My inspiration comes from various places… It may be a conversation – I’ll take a phrase/statement which I resonated with, that I’ll develop a visual expression using pictures I come across with on the internet, something of a neat collage.
It’s developed from text, sketch, digital imagery (Adobe Photoshop) back to a refined sketch on the wooden board and then the final carved piece that’s finished with either Acrylic or Oil Based Ink.
Throughout all of this music plays the utmost importance as it caters for my emotions.

My advice to aspirant artists is to always be a student, maintain good health and if you are to monetize your craft or passion never play to the industry, be sensitive about your growth for the simple reason that it should not compromise your being.
To view more of this exceptional young talent’s work, or to reach out to him for more information,
you can go to his Instagram profile by simply clicking on the Instagram icon.

Featured Exhibitions:

Blessing Ngobeni Artprize 2022 ( Group Show)
•Top 6 finalist ( Grand Rising )
Imba Ya Sarai Gallery ( Duo)
•Figurative – 2021
Upcoming Collection Titled Layers releasing in July.