the sizzling, sumptuous Silo Hotel

There are few things in life that make my heart as glad as beautiful architecture and superb design.
There is something spiritual about the way a magnificent building can remind you of the potential of mankind to achieve greatness.
The re-imagining of the Historic Grain Silo complex in Cape Town, built in 1921 for export storage, and once the tallest building in Sub-Saharan Africa, is one such structure.
The complex Geometric Lantern Windows glisten like shards of broken mirror in the daylight, and at night transform The Silo into a glowing beacon.
The Hotel occupies the six floors above the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa and is a celebration of art, style and architecture.

There are not enough superlatives to describe The Silo.
From its Foyer, small but resplendent in art, including a striking portrait of  Isabella Rossellini , Frances Goodman’s “Blue Velvet, to the chandeliers in the elevators,(yes you read that one correctly), to the rooms with sweeping views which take your breath away, this hotel epitomizes timeless glamour and contemporary luxury.
We had envisaged our experience at The Silo as being very “starched” and awkward.
I’ve stuck my nose into enough high-end stores in London to know that “You should use the back entrance, you can’t afford this” look only too well.
I approached the reception desk and waited for the withering glance… She  noticed me…She looked up…. She smiled broadly….
I panicked… Had she pressed the silent alarm? Was she about to have the “tacky tourist” police drag us off? Was she savouring the moment?
Imagine then my surprise when she glanced swiftly at her computer screen, looked up again, and with the same broad smile said..”You must be Colin. Welcome to the Silo”

There are few Hotels I have visited that I can say have made me feel more at home.
She seemingly didn’t notice our awe and reverence as we looked around us.
She called ahead, and guided us to the elevators.

We had decided to have breakfast before heading to the room. We figured we could ease ourselves into the luxury.. To much all at once could result in the equivalent of a brain freeze. They would find me lying prostate at the window stroking the drapes.

And folks here’s the kicker….  If you think a Silo experience is unaffordable to us mere mortals…Think again!

Breakfast at “The Granary Café” R100 per person  

– Served every day from 7am until 11am

Tea, coffee or fruit juice and your choice of:

  • Granola, yoghurt and fruit
    Bircher muesli and green juice
    Buttermilk pancakes
    Bacon and eggs
    Breakfast Baps (bacon and egg or pork/beef sausage and egg)
    Eggs Benedict
    Toast and a topping

Our breakfast was MORE than adequate – I had rather expected two lettuce leaves, a few pretty flowers and a picture of an egg for that price.
But no…a substantial eggs benedict, with two eggs, and a spectacular cup of coffee, (by my own admission I am a caffeine in desperate times I will chug back anything that resembles the good ol’ tar… But I know good coffee when I taste it..And this was beyond good!)
The service was flawless….I have no idea where the Royal Portfolio Group sources their staff or who trains them, but guys, whatever you are doing, carry on doing it!

They could not have made us feel more at home.

And now for the crowning glory…. The room…

Entering a room at The Silo is a “catch your breath” moment.
(well certainly for pleb me who isn’t quite used to this level of luxury it was)

Glancing around I realised that the suite was probably almost the size of our modest, (apparently VERY modest), house in Umhlanga.

The bathroom with is floor to double volumed ceiling windows and panoramic views of the Mountain, (if you have to ask WHICH mountain you should probably be booking a flight to Cape Town right now and not reading this review),would accommodate our king sized bed…several times over..

“Urban legend” surrounding the décor of the rooms is that Liz Biden, the Matriarch of the Biden Family and owner of the Royal Portfolio Group, first selected art pieces.

After deciding which art pieces were to be displayed in which room, Liz conceptualized the exquisite décor for each room around the selected pieces.

The result is a visual orgasm.

Some interesting facts:

The Silo has a total of 28 rooms, which fall into 6 categories.
Each room has it’s own private balcony, and is unique in it’s décor.
You can choose from: (in order of size from smallest to largest…and of course from smallest impact to largest impact on the wallet):

The Silo Room
The Duplex Suite
The Duplex Superior Suite
The Family Duplex Suite
The Royal Suite

And if you are particularly flush
The Penthouse Suite (of which there is only one..So rush and book now )

For most of us mere mortals, a night at The Silo is a special occasion stay.
The honeymoon …the anniversary.
And believe me, if it is a really really special occasion, then this is the place to celebrate!

For those whose budget allows for an extended stay, (I am turning a pale shade of green with envy as I type), The Silo is sublime.
Impeccable style meets luxury living.