sy the queen
dj, designer and mother

Local radio personality Sixolile Mboza, better known as Sy the queen is a multifaceted powerhouse that is sure to take
the entertainment and fashion industry by storm.

A true inspiration on following you true calling in life Sy has firmly planted her feet and taken up space in the local radio scene.

Onke Khumalo chats with the dynamic Sy!
She grew up in uMthatha with her mom who she considers her biggest cheerleader, she didn’t stay after completing her metric she moved to Pretoria to study later moving to Durban where she would later discover her mojo which is her love for radio.

This didn’t start off with her vision being as clear as it is now.
Sy worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, from waitressing to managing restaurants she has literally done it all.

As great as she was at her job she knew she wanted more and that’s when she tapped into her true superpower which is radio.

After studying radio production it took no time at all for her to grow in the industry or rather the platform that she was afforded.

She stared volunteering at DYR (Durban Youth Radio) where she started training and was part of the 7-10 slot and despite her being there for a really short time she was offered to co-host the energy drive”. Her love and her pride in her home language isiXhosa sets her apart and she is now the captain of her own ship and she’s now the host of her own show “the weekend drive show”.
Through this platform she has also been able to meet a lot of influential people and people that would later go on to help her change lives.

Sy has always been for the people so her selfless community work is no surprise.
Some of the initiatives she has been a part of include hashtag changing lives and the food parcel drive.
With everything that she has immersed herself in she is also the founder and CEO of ‘queen of meen’ which is a clothing line aimed at making every woman of any build feel comfortable in what they put on.

The line is her baby that has now grown to include maternity wear and bringing us an exciting range with different African textiles.
Onke: lets talk inspiration, who has been your biggest inspiration in the radio and entertainment industry?
Sy: “I had the opportunity of working with Lifa Kgake who a phenomenal radio personality, he approached me to co-host his afternoon drive show with him and that gave me a push in the right direction and really gave me a leg up and the recognition that I needed as a newbie in the game.
When I move to do the breakfast show I was mentored by Kevin Meter Brown who has been someone I look up to for the longest time so working with him was truly something amazing and I can go as far as saying he helped me find my voice and direction.

Onke: “community development is something you are extremely passionate about and you had done so much in a short space of time. tell me a bit more on the initiatives that you are a part of”
Sy: “I would say that in a community developer of note, I believe in helping others especially those who cannot help themselves, from young kids to the old and frail.
I am so fortunate that DYR has given me the platform to be able to help others and it’s something I am so passionate about and I love it so much.
I have worked on hashtag changing lives, the food parcel drive, donating school shoes to underprivileged kids and taking Christmas parcels to the elderly just to name a few”.

Onke: “Queen of meen by Sy the queen, tell me about your baby and the exciting collaboration”
Sy: “Queen of meen is a concept I came up with because I was tired of finding cute clothes that fit properly.
I’m a tall girl and I’ve always been, I struggle to find something made for someone like me in mind.
Queen of meen is a clothing brand designed to elevate the confidence of an individual. A beautiful selection of different styles in black and white.
Its is big, bold and collaborates with African and South African textiles. I have collaborated with Zinge Africa which is an amazing fashion house focused on African inspired fashion, it aligns with my brand and I’m so excited about the future”.

Onke: “from the hospitality industry to reaching thousands of people through radio how has the drastic change of careers been for you together with all your other ventures including being a mom?”.
Sy:”it has definitely been very difficult balancing it all but I love it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Its true when they say that once you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.
I’m literally having the time of my life and its  only uphill from here.
I believe in never losing sight of your goal, keep your mind focused on what you want and you’ll achieve it for sure.
I love my daughter and i’m excited to welcome my 2nd daughter very soon, its just so much positivity around me that it doesn’t feel like pressure at all”.

Onke: “what can we look out for in the future from Sy the queen?”
Sy: “I want to get into commercial radio specifically talk radio, its always been a dream of mine so I’m definitely going to make it happen.
A lot more charity work. I’ve learned do much with the initiatives that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of so I’m going to take what I’ve learned and carry on helping more people.
I’m also going to start a podcast focused on relevant topics that affect us all n a daily basis. I am also a MC so I do from small to large cooperate functions and I want to grow in that as well.
I’m growing my brand and Queen of meen is going to greater heights so you will definitely be hearing more of my name and the brand.
Sy the Queen is definitely a force to be reckoned with and her drive is absolutely such an inspiration.
The amount of work that she does to help others is truly amazing, she has touched so many lives through her kindness and work ethic.
There is still so much to see from her and as the queen herself said “the sky is never the limit”!

We are DELIGHTED to add that Sy gave birth to a healthy baby girl on 
Saturday 26 February 2022, and that both mom and daughter are doing well

Credit to Leticia Cox for the photography and Sunset Bar, Zimbali Wedge for the location.