Stu Moffat Passionate about his craft

Stu Moffat is a stalwart of the Durban Photography scene.

His passion for his craft, his glowing images, and obsession with his home City have seen him become one of the more sought after photographers in KZN.

We chat with Stu about his craft, his passion and how he got started in his career.

A fond memory and where my fixation arose was as a youngster on a family trip to Mkhuze Game Reserve, when I managed to grab my dad’s old film camera and snap away at everything that moved!

Throughout my school and varsity career, I always had a keen interest in the visual arts but photography was something that stirred a strong and uncontrollable emotion inside me that finally lead to me purchasing my first “proper” camera and lenses.

I slowly but surely, through a great deal of trial and error, taught myself and pushed myself to improve.

At that stage, I was working in the hospitality industry, but decided to start taking photography more seriously. I managed to become a resident photographer at Night Club, and through meeting some truly amazing people, moved on to events and festivals.

I branched out into model, family and wedding photography which fanned the flames of my passion for photography, giving me the ability and creative freedom to capture the personality, love and warmth of people.

In May 2019 I made the move, and  decided to take up photography full time as a career-  doing something that I truly love.

The ability to capture and share special moments with families and people, the ability to capture spectacular images of animals and record incredible moments in time, keeps me motived and passionate!

I currently freelance and help with social media management and content creation for restaurants and small businesses.

My true obsession lies in photographing landscapes and wildlife – with my love for animals, being outdoors and at one with nature and soothes my soul.

I’m working on a project at the moment that I am particularly passionate about – showcasing the beauty of my incredible hometown, Durban and am  looking at setting up a gallery for people to pop in and view all that Durban has to offer (stay tuned!).

There are so many people that inspire me – Quinton Meyer who has moved to Canada but taught me so much, the young talents of Civilla Media, Rhett Fox & Dylan Mordaunt, Wedding photographer Marielle Albers (Marielle Catherine Photography), whose photos show the emotion and energy that can only warm the heart.

Someone who will always have me running for the door to head into the bush is Klaus Tiedge.

His photos display his ability to give equal attention to the animals and the environment in which they are captured and combine two genres I love.

If I could point anyone with a desire for photography in the right direction, remember photography is a subjective art form.

You will NEVER please everyone, so don’t allow yourself to be driven by praise or criticism.

Get out there, take photos at every opportunity and experiment with what inspires you.

And never be satisfied, always be driven to do better! Being satisfied leads to mediocrity.

To contact Stu or view more of his work, look him up on Social media by simply clicking on the Social media Icons below!