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The Westville Warehouse
Reviewed by Belinda-ann Owen
Submitted 12 may 2022
We went out for a belated Mother’s Day Dinner.
Chose a restaurant in Westville, ordered drinks, and a starter.
Our waiter was friendly and his service was prompt, but the starter was dismal, and the price charged for it was outrageous.
I won’t name and shame, because this is not what this post is about.
I merely mention it, because it was a catalyst to find somewhere else to eat.

And, boy! Did we find a place, a hidden GEM! The Westville Warehouse!

As we got out of the car, and caught a glimpse of the interior, and heard the music, our moods uplifted, and we were happy!
A waitress welcomed us, I was exclaiming at how awesome the decor is, and she said “Have you seen our bathrooms?!”

So I immediately marched off to check them out, and oh yes!
No wonder they are proud of them!
There is a dining area outside, under cover, and inside is a gorgeous bar, with pool tables, quirky signage up everywhere, and I took lots of photos!
waitress’s service was prompt, our food was delicious, and the bill, reasonable.

We will definitely go back, and I highly recommend it!
You can find Westville Warehouse at:
48A Buckingham Terrace
Tel:  068 633 6974 

Credit to Brenda-ann Owen for the images

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