Prepare to be Dazzled!

Aiming to be the of courses in South Africa, the dynamic duo of Michele Kember and Natalie Thayer are taking the on-line training market by storm! 
Run by Michele Kember and Natalie Thayer, Dazzle Courses is a South African Course Marketplace developed with the intention of hosting courses  relevant to South Africans.

Michele started Dazzle Courses in 2018, facilitating soft skills training courses to schools and businesses, and hosting  Women’s Events throughout South Africa.
By the beginning of 2020, her hard work was starting to pay-off when in the blink of an eye, it all changed…
COVID made an appearance and South Africa was put into a hard lockdown.

After the initial three weeks, Michele realized that she had to take her training online but had no idea how to go about it. Co-incidentally, at the time, Natalie was in talks with the South African developer of a Learning Management System.

A serendipitous moment!

After introducing it to Michele, who loved it, the decision to join forces was made.
Dazzle began it’s evolution and continues to do so!
Michele and Natalie met in 1994 and a lifelong friendship was forged.>br> They have many common loves, – reading, walking, exploring new places, finding culinary treasures and BUBBLY. 

They believe there is always a reason to celebrate.   

Both Natalie and Michele have more than 25 years senior management experience in the corporate world, working in Blue Chip companies like Vodacom, MWEB, DSTV Online and

After so many years in the corporate world, both had the dream of having the flexibility of working from home and having time to enjoy the beautiful city of Cape Town.  (The flexibility is wonderful, and they hope one day they will have more time 😊)

They also share the same faith and believe that giving is an essential part of life.
Both are involved in charity work; Natalie with the elderly and Michele with Abused Women.

Dazzle means “to impress deeply, astonish with delight”, and that is exactly what Natalie and Michele aim to do

about dazzle and how you can earn a passive income by hosting your training course!

Dazzle Courses offers three main services:

  1. A Course Marketplace. Anyone who has a course can host their courses on the Dazzle Courses marketplace, and by doing so, earn a passive income.  Anyone who wants to take a course can do so via the marketplace
  2. A White labelled Learning Management System, ideal for schools, SME’s and those who have various courses.  (It is local, you get to speak to actual people, and it is charged in local currency.)  It is a locally developed platform which allows for customisation; support is locally based so you get to speak to an actual person and billing is in rands.
  3. Course Creation.  If you have an idea for a course but not keen to do it yourself, or need to have your company’s product training digitally created, Dazzle can do it for you

“We believe almost everyone has a course in them, whether you are a Gym Instructor, Guitar Teacher, English Lecturer, or a cook, we can help you to get started and start earning a passive income.” Dazzle