Nicola's Butternut Soup

A very basic Butternut Soup, with the option of either vegetable stock for vegetarians or chicken stock for non-vegetarian.

And you can add whichever spices you want!


  • 1tsp ground cumin
  • 1/2 butternut diced
  • 2x big potatoes peeled & diced
  • Onion
  • 1litre vegetable or chicken stock
  • Salt/pepper to taste
  • Fresh coriander.


  • Pre-cook the butternut – I just put mine in a bowl in the microwave for 10mins with the potatoes or till they’re soft, or alternatively gently boil the butternut & potatoes till soft.
  • While that is precooking brown your onion with a little oil and the cumin. (I also added a little bit of mild chilli powder!)
  • Once the butternut and potatoes are soft’ish add to the pot with the stock and let simmer.
  • Keep checking and once it looks soft enough you can start to mash it with the potato masher.
  • Once I’ve mashed as much as possible I use the handheld processor to try get all the lumps out, but it may still be slightly lumpy because of the onion. (If you don’t have a processor then just mash as much as you can! Its still delicious!)
  • You can also add roasted red pepper and chilli if you want a spicier soup.
  • Garnish with chopped Coriander – this honestly MAKES IT DELICIOUS!
Feel Free to add some croutons.
Easy as pie!!