Netflix picks!

Now my taste may run to the slightly darker side, so of course all the quick picks are simply my opinion based on my personal taste.
However with the plethora of shows available, it’s always nice to have some recommendations form others of what they enjoyed.

So without further ado, our Netflix picks for February 2022 are:
Midnight Mass

For those who like a little vampire action with a twist, this is a must!

When Riley Flynn returns to his isolated hometown on Crockett Island, looking to rebuild his life after serving four years in prison for killing a young girl, (who haunts his dreams), in a drunk-driving incident, he arrives home at the same time a young charismatic young priest, who breathes new life into the towns flagging faith, makes his appearance.
It soon becomes clear that not all as it would seem, and the plot descends into a dark and unexpected twist.

I confess to having binge watched the series… It drew me in.. And I didn’t have the patience to pace myself and watch it over a prolonged period (which is par for the course with me with most Series I watch)
The ending was possibly a smidge of an anti-climax, but it was one of those open-ended things which clearly pave the way for Season 2.

This one gets a solid 7.5/10 from me.
Stay Close

This British Mystery drama miniseries was right up my alley.
I love a good “who dunnit”, and few produce better authentic crime series than the Brits!
The plot is complex and engaging and I found this series completely addictive.

Megan Pierce, a suburban mum, living in the well to do suburb of Livingston with her fiancé Dave and their three children, hides a darker past.
Toss into the mix Ray Levine, once a successful and talented documentary maker, changed forever by the loss of the woman he loved, now resigned to playing “paparazzi for hire”  to pseudo celebrity rich kids, and Michael Broome, a detective haunted by an unsolved cold case involving the disappearance of a local man some 17 years earlier.

When another man goes missing on the anniversary of his cold case’s disappearance, it sets the stage for the unravelling of all three characters’ lives, with dark secretes being exposed.
Throw in a few psychopaths for good measure and you have an outstanding series!

This one was a particular favourite of mine, and I would give it a solid 9/10!

Sigh..Ok, so we said this was about our picks but we have tossed in this one as a “to be avoided”
I have a high tolerance for any movie involving event a hint of a Sci-Fi thread.
However this left me stone cold (and wishing I had rather spent the time watching paint dry..Slowly!)

On Christmas Eve, Georgia Olsen finds out that she is pregnant.
When the child father, her boyfriend Sam Hoth, asks her to marry him, she is uncertain about both the relationship and her desire to be a mother and decides not to tell her parents.
When she goes to a college Christmas party with Sam, she forgets to take her mobile.
When the android Eli, owned by the hosts, wishes Sam happy Halloween instead of Christmas, it is clear something is amiss.
When a shrill screech is suddenly heard, the android turns violent and starts to attack Sam and Georgia and their friends, who flee the home.
Smartphones then start to unexpectedly explode, killing their users.

Fast forward nine months and Georgia, now heavily pregnant, has taken shelter with Sam in a forest.
The couple are attempting to get to fortified Boston, where it is rumoured that a boat transporting new mothers to Asia, will allow them to live a peaceful and free life.

The long winded and tedious plot plummets downhill from here, with drawn out and protracted struggles as they try to make it to Boston, along with some questionable special effects.

While this movie may be to some folks tastes, it certainly wasn’t to mine.

Sadly I would give this one an overly generous 3/10
Archive 81

This one was a serendipitous find for me.
I was searching furiously through Netflix to find a particular series I was after, and when this popped up, I thought “ok, that looks interesting”.

And damn, I am glad I did.

When Dan Turner, and archivist, is offered a substantive fee to restore video tapes badly burnt in a fire that gutted the Visser Building in the 90’s, he finds himself draw into an unexpected “relationship” with the videographer, Melody Pendras.

The plot involves a strange cult, sacrifices, disappearances, another dimension and the occult –  So be forewarned – It that isn’t your thing, then this isn’t the series for you.

When chatting with a friend about this series, she to said she found it intriguing, (although she also mentioned she may believe in those “other dimensions” so the quality of the yardstick may be questionable 😊)

I watched this series over a period of 4 days (or nights) and the unexpected finale certainly leaves a lot of wiggle room for a second season (which I do hope they make)

I’d give this one a solid 7/10

Although these are our “recommendeds”  and “maybe not muchers”, we all have different taste. We may not have liked something very much but it doesn’t of course mean that you won’t.

So give them a try and see how you feel about them.

Full credit to Netflix, and/or the distributor of the film, the publisher of the film or the graphics artist for the images.