Netflix picks!

My tastes do run slightly  to the darker side, and I have a thing for fantasy and Sci Fi, but that having been said, I will pretty much watch anything that catches my eye as interesting.
And of course all the quick picks are simply my opinion based on my personal taste.
However with the plethora of shows available, it’s always nice to have some recommendations from others of what they enjoyed.

So without further ado, our Netflix picks for May 2022 are:


Peter, an engineer, has recurring nightmares in which he and everyone he knows suffer through violent alien invasions.

His wife insists he visits a clinic to seek help, and he discovers a patient who is having the same nightmares.

This prompts Peter to believe that his nightmares are visions of an upcoming invasion.

Of course, that night, alien spaceships open fire on the city.

Peter and his wife and children fight off the invaders in their apartment block and seek shelter at the Factory Peter works at, but his wife is injured in the process.

Fast forward through some twists and turns and unexpected plot developments, we end off with a “we could all live together if we got to know one another” type punch line.

It’s an interesting story line, that I will give it.

It could have been good. Maybe the complexity of the unfolding plot detracts from the quality of the film, (well it did for me), but I felt a little cheated.
Like I had watched what been touted as a great flick and ended up being a B Grade “Invasion of the Killer Tomatoes”.

Some people may find it great…I’m not saying don’t give it a watch.

But for me… Well, been there done that etc. I certainly wouldn’t keep it for those rainy days of reruns.

This one gets a mediocre 5/10 from me.

Metal Lords

Metalhead Hunter Sylvester jams with his best friend, geeky Kevin Schlieb, who plays drums, initially rather badly.

When Kevin drags Hunter to a popular jocks house party, things go awry when Kevin over indulges in the ample supply of booze and Hunter gets into an alteration with the local band who is playing a gig at the party.

In the heat of the moment, Hunter announces that he and Kevin will be competing at the “Battle of the Bands” and the next day steals his fathers AMEX card and buys a complete drum set for Kevin to practice on.

After Kevin witnesses Emily, a Scottish student, having a melt down during marching band practice, he befriends her and discovers she has a talent for playing the cello.
The subsequent relationship that develops between Kevin and Emily infuriates Hunter and leads to an altercation between the two friends.

Now going further into the plot would be rather giving away the entire gist of the movie.

But let it suffice to say that if you like feel good, well thought out and conceived films, this this is a must!

A sensitive portrayal of teenage angst, alienation from the popular set, teenager/parent conflict, and a number of other issues which are very effectively addressed.

This one for me was a really great watch!

I would give it a solid 8.5/10!


Now this is a rather interesting one. A Sci-Fi series with a plot which deviates mercifully from the standard Alien invasion or Survivors of an apocalypse fending off marauding gangs intent on stealing their food and women.

With Eric McCormack in the lead role, who some of us who are old enough will remember as Will from “will and Grace”, the plot involves thousands of special operatives from a Post-Apocalyptic future having their consciousnesses sent back in time to take over host bodies of individuals who are moment from death,.
The operatives mission is overseen by an AI and is focused on preventing the future apocalypse by changing the course of events in the present.

I have to say I enjoy this series (I’m still wading my way through the various seasons)

It’s easy watching, and a relatively easy plot to follow (which for me and my rather limited attention span is great!)

There are a few episode where I think that the story line wears a bit thin and that they are simply trying to fill airtime (very much like when you have series who show you 5 minute flash backs from episodes you have already watched), but overall its entertaining and worth a watch.

I would give this one a 6.5/10

The Prestige

This, as I discovered is a film released in 2006, which I was completely unaware of, and was delighted to stumble on a relatively major release I hadn’t actually watched.

With a star studded and very interesting cast, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, and to my delight, David Bowie!

The story takes place in 1890s London, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden work as shills, (plants in the audience), for a magician under the mentorship of John Cutter, an engineer who designs stage magic.

During a water tank trick, Angier’s wife Julia fails to escape and drowns. Angier is devastated, and blames Borden for using a riskier knot, causing her death.

When Angier asks Borden which knot he used, Borden claims not to know.

The two become bitter enemies and rivals.

The dark and complex plot needs to be followed closely, and has a rather unexpected twists, as well as a delightful appearance by the late David Bowie.

I would certainly recommend this to those who love a great complex plot, and some great drama


I’d give this one a solid 9/10

The Last Thing he Wanted

Sigh.. now you know when you spot a film and see the cast and think YES!!! This is me set for the evening with my popcorn and blanket (and other half fast asleep on the couch)..

Well that was one of those moments for me when I spotted this as a “You may want to watch”.

 With an impressive cast, which included Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe, it had all the promise of being a great watch.

Little did I know…The title of the film said it all.

Initially I thought it was just me, but when I read other reviews on line I realized I wasn’t alone in my being completely confused by the addled mish mashed plot which seems to have very little,, actually no that’s kind…No point.

When the film was over I was left with the feeling that I had wasted just short of 2 hours of my life that I could have been other things.. Root canal would probably have been preferable.

 But hey, there are some folk out there who may enjoy it.. So by all means give it a whirl if you are inclined to do so.

I’d give this one a sad 1/10


This was one of those delightful, serendipitous moments for me!

I had NO idea this series existed until I spotted a post one someone’s Instagram story (who says Social Media doesn’t have a purpose).

Made in 2022, this British, (and I’m a sucker for British Television series), is a coming of age romance, which tells the story of Charlie Spring, a gay schoolboy, who falls in live with Nick Nelson, the rugby captain jock classmate he sits next to in his new form.

The series explores the complexity of teenagers coming to grips with their sexuality, the bigotry of the world at large, and the triumph of love over adversity.

It is a delightful portrayal of a subject matter which much of society avoids or treats as taboo, and is must watch for any child or parent who is grappling with coming to terms with sexuality.

I confess to having binge watched much of the series.

I’d give this a WELL deserved 10/10!

Although these are our “recommendeds”  and “maybe not muchers”, we all have different taste. We may not have liked something very much but it doesn’t of course mean that you won’t.

So give them a try and see how you feel about them.

Full credit to Netflix, and/or the distributor of the film, the publisher of the film or the graphics artist for the images.