Netflix picks!

We continue our monthly “Netflix Picks” with a selection of four Series or movies I have watched,
or in certain instances endured in the last month!
However with the plethora of shows available, it’s always nice to have some recommendations form others of what they enjoyed.
So without further ado, our Netflix picks for March 2022 are:

Feria – The Darkest Light

Spain is turning out some real quality productions of late, with the series like Money Heist having a devout global viewership.

Feria: the darkest light story is not quite Money Heist, and will appeal to a far more niche audience, but the production quality none the less is superb.

A warning – The series contains many scenes of graphic violence and nudity, and deals with the supernatural, so not every ones cup of tea.

It is also, (as was Money Heist), dubbed from Spanish, but done so extremely well.

Set in 1995, the series follows two teen sisters who wake up to find their lives forever changed when their parents become the primary suspects in a 23-victim cult-led murder-suicide.

Set in a small mountainous Spanish village, the demon fuelled cult has permeated the fabric of the small isolated society for generations.

It deals with demonic possession, sacrifices and sexually charged religious ceremonies, and on a deeper level explores siblings relationships, peer and social pressures, and even dips its toe momentarily into queer dynamics.

I binge watched the series, and my only disappointment, if I could really call it that, was a somewhat abrupt ending.

I’m not sure it it’s lining up for season 2, but the ending to me seemed rather rushed.

However in spite of that, certainly well worth a watch.


This one gets a 7/10 from me.

The Boss

Ok, so this is quite a change from Feria, but it was one of those “ollking for something easy and mindless to watch”
And I guess I got what I was after.

It’s a generally feel good film, which follows the story oof Wealthy obnoxious CEO Michelle Darnell who is busted for insider trading and sent to prison.

Fast forward to release from prison, when she finds herself  herself broke, homeless and hated.
After tracking down her former assistant, Claire, (who knew CEO’s knew where all their employees live), who lives with her young daughter, Michelle happens to taste one of Claire’s homemade brownies and an empire is born.

Predictably she falls foul of her old ways momentarily but then peace is restored to the land and life is sunshine and roses and good triumphs and…..
Well, I think we’ve all seen that plot a few times before.

If it’s Oscar award winning stuff you are after, then this aint the film for you.

It’s light hearted, but flimsy.
I enjoyed it in the moment…but would I would it again….Watch what again?

So no…

This one gets a 5.5/10 from me

Madea Homecoming

I have to confess I am a sucker for Madea movies.

I love the irreverent sense of humour and Tyler Perry doesn’t disappoint with this one.

The plot follows Madea as she prepares to welcome her family who have all come into town to celebrate her great-grandson’s graduation from college.

It introduces Brendan O’Carroll, who plays “Mr’s Brown: in the hilarious English comedy series, which brings a whole new dynamic into play.

Add in some “coming out of closet” action, and the stage is set for a rollickingly hilarious film that I would definitely recommend!

I give this one a solid 9/10!

Raising Dion

I was so excited when this popped up on my screen as a “must watch”.

It’s the type of plot I enjoy and can binge watch for hours.

And when I started watching the first episode, I initially thought “ok, this looks pretty decent”…

But then the series wore on…And by the time “Dion” had screeched “Abracadabra”  or  times in a row, the petulant, obnoxious character had worn thin.

However he possibly shines in comparison to the character of the mother.

A self-opinionated abrasive character with very little substance or rounding.

Add in some questionable acting, and for me it just tumbled downhill into a trying to hard, over generalised, politically correct mish mash which attempted to deal with serious issues of bigotry in a ham-fisted way, which did no favours to getting the message across.

I forced my way through Series one, (much in the way one rubber necks at a car crash), and was astounded when at the end of it, Season 2 popped up… I guess someone out there likes it, but frankly for me, a BIG no!
It could have been great!..But failed miserably.

This gets a 1/10 from me…and only because it gave me something to do to while away some spare time.

Although these are our “recommendeds”  and “maybe not muchers”, we all have different taste. We may not have liked something very much but it doesn’t of course mean that you won’t.

So give them a try and see how you feel about them.

Full credit to Netflix, and/or the distributor of the film, the publisher of the film or the graphics artist for the images.