Mandy Rootman Iconic and proudly south african

Hardworking and charismatic, business woman Mandy Rootman has taken Ballito by storm.
I caught up with well-known Mandy Rootman, wife, mother and grandmother, and all-round wonder woman.

Sixolile Mboza chats with Mandy Rootman

Mandy wasn’t born in Durban.

She relocated from Johannesburg to Ballito in 2016 and immediately immersed herself into the community landing the Margaret Hirsch Business Woman Achiever Award and being interviewed on Margaret’s ‘Coffee Chat’ live on Facebook in 2019.

Maraschino Lifestyle Marketing, a digital marketing company owned by Mandy, focuses on building relationships between people, products, brands and places through a mix of Digital Marketing Services.

Mandy is passionate about working closely with SMME’s, assisting them to flourish in an ever changing economic and digital landscape.

She focuses on creating solid client relationships, helping them build brand awareness by creating unique personalized campaigns, designs and communication strategies.

Through her work ethic and her ability to communicate effectively, she has taken a role in leading online events in various forms over the years, and in April 2020 established an online show that on social media called ‘The Vuvuzela’.

Working with film maker Morne Lane, and a team of like-minded go-getters they brought the project to life, giving a platform for local business to promote awareness of their products and services.

Mandy is no stranger to the Television Space, starting in 2010 hosting the 3rd season of Karibu, a beauty orientated magazine TV show on DTSV’s Africa Magic Channel and being featured as a guest on Good Morning Africa.

With her latest project, Mandy has teamed up with Morne Lane and Devon Swanepoel to launch a cutting edge broadcasting media channel, Ballito TV.

Officially launched Ballito TV on the 1st  of January 2021, Ballito TV sports an exciting line up, with GMNC (Good Morning North Coast) a breakfast show running from Monday to Friday 6am to 7am, highlighting SMME’s, Entrepreneurs, Health experts and Entertainers,  ‘A New You’, ‘Estate Living with Zimbali’, Braai with Bok’ to name but a few, and has already attracted over 500,000 viewers globally.

Watching Ballito TV is simple, allowing viewers to choose which device they wish to view from , either watching it on Facebook LIVE, YouTube Channel or by downloading their free app.

A catch-up option allows you to view any episodes you may have missed and view them at your leisure.

With affordable advertising rates starting from as little as R1000, Ballito TV offer a viable alternate to Business wishing to promote their products and services.

Although Ballito TV have always adopted the stance that they are not a news channel or have any intention of ever becoming one, Mandy believed that during the recent unrest, it was important for the community to provide factual updates in the face of the spate of false and misleading information shared on social media and WhatsApp groups at the time.

In light of this, they choose to do a short live broadcast from one of the main security points, interviewing a representative and asking the public to be circumspect about sharing false information.

The video shot was viewed over 30 000 times, reinforcing this powerful message.

Mandy has been an integral part of the Miss Ballito initiative for many years, both in a sponsorship capacity or purely lending a hand wherever needed.

“I am passionate about our youth and in particular our young ladies and believe that the Miss Ballito pageant unlike many others has the potential to make a real difference, not only in the lives of the contestants but the charities and causes that they highlight” says Mandy  

Being a grandmother to a one year old Grandson, Mandy feels blessed to be surrounded by family.

“Grayson turned 1 on the 28th of August.  My little prince as I call him was born in the midst of all the Covid-19 chaos in 2020 but immediately brought a ray of sunshine into our lives.  With our family all being self-employed and a number of us working together on a daily basis this means that I get to spend most days with him or at the worst a couple of hours with him a day.  He is now one and feels the need sometimes to re-enact what we do and we have had to find an old laptop that he can tinker on, his own mouse and an old cell phone so he feels part of our daily work day.  He is an incredibly social child so often decides that attending meetings should be a priority too and attends most of our events too!  I feel totally blessed to be able to play an active part in his everyday life.”

Mandy recently received a certificate of appreciation for her contribution from the iLembe District by the Rise up Movement, an NPO dealing with Human Rights Violations and the protection of Human Rights.

An Iconic proudly South African woman, Mandy is forging her own destiny.

To find out more about Mandy

Facebook –  MandyLRhodes
Instagram   @mandyrootmansa.

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