lawrance brennon taking photography to new heights

A fine art photographer based in Hermanus, Lawrance and his wife Catherine, ran their own gallery in the Southern Drakensberg for 10 years, featuring not only their own works, but also those of several other well-known ceramists and photographers.

During that period, Lawrance produced a large body of panoramic and pinhole images, many of which have been purchased by local and international collectors.

More recently his focus has been on exploring the Photogravure Intaglio process whereby an imaged is engraved onto a steel plate and pulled through an artist’s press. The resulting images demonstrate exquisite detail which is further enhanced by the archival etching paper used in the process.

“A current and recurring theme in my imagery is “Disintegration” where I employ the photographic process as a means to an end. It is merely a palette with which to explore the destructive effect of time, and the elements, upon manmade and organic objects.

I have always been fascinated by the dreamlike and ethereal quality of the work of late 19th Century pictorial photographers and etchers. The monochromatic and ‘gritty’ rendition of even the most common subject matter, imparts a graphic and tactile quality which only an etching can replicate.

Exploring some of the early pioneering photographic processes, (such as Photogravure, Platinum/Palladium and the Kallitype), has been a totally absorbing journey. Adapting these to 21st Century analogue and digital practices has resulted in a new, creative and exciting workflow for me. My current work is based upon a contemporary adaptation of the original Photogravure process currently, referred to as The Intaglio-Type.

Space, shape, texture and form play an important role in my seeing and image making. Sometimes the work is literal and instantly recognisable, whilst in other instances it takes on a more abstract and interpretive guise. In most instances however, I prefer to create pre-visualized and constructed imagery in order to convey mood or an idea.”

To view more works by this extraordinary talent, and read about the fascinating processes used to produce many of his outstanding images, you can go to Lawrance’s Instagram profile by simply clicking on the icon below, or follow the link on his Instagram profile to his website.