*warning - Adult content*

Camera:JOHN’s POV


Exterior-Nightclub parking lot-Early morning

JOHN’s smoking a cigarette outside the club, getting ready to leave.

KERRY: Hey man, can you give me a light?

KERRY and SAM are nearby. SAM is obviously very drunk, and is leaning heavily on a slightly less drunk KERRY. KERRY is holding out a joint.

JOHN: Here. Your friend’s pretty fucked, hey?

KERRY: She gets like this every time we go out. Trashed and then passes out. and I’ve got to sort everything out. But she’s my best friend, I’ve known her my whole life, so I can’t just leave her, you know what I mean.

JOHN: Hey, i’m just saying. if you’re keen, my place is close. Why don’t you guys pull in, She can crash on my spare bed, and sleep it off. If you want you could grab some coffee, maybe?

KERRY: Ja, I’m sick of just carrying her around like this. I wouldn’t mind just hanging out for a while. You got any weed or drinks by your spot?

JOHN: A couple of beers, I think. My housemate smokes so there’s probably some weed, but I’ve got some coke, if you’re keen. I’m not sure how much though, I got it from this mate at his wedding.

KERRY: I don’t know, maybe. Some coffee would be great, though. I’ve got lectures tomorrow, so we can’t hang around too long, ok?

Interior-JOHN’s flat-Early morning

JOHN is getting up from the table. There’s a plate with some coke lines, a bank card, packs of cigarettes and beers in various places. KERRY’s obviously just done a line as she’s rubbing her nose and sniffing.JOHN gets up and starts walking through the flat.

JOHN: I need a piss.

KERRY: You going to the toilet? How’s to quickly check on SAM while you’re there?

JOHN opens the bedroom door. We can see SAM lying on the bed.JOHN moves closer, and sees that SAM has vomited while asleep. Angrily JOHN swears and starts to wipe her mouth.JOHN starts to shake SAM violently, swearing, trying to wake her up. As he does this, we can see that she has choked on her vomit, and died.

KERRY: What the fuck are you doing? What’s the matter with her?

JOHN turns to the door where KERRY is now standing, with SAM loose and drooling in his hands. KERRY screams, panics, and starts stumbling back towards the lounge. She obviously thinks he has killed SAM.

JOHN reacts quickly. He drops SAM back onto the bed, and calling to KERRY to wait, to hang on, he follows KERRY into the lounge.

KERRY has grabbed a bread knife and is waving it at him.

JOHN tries to calm her, and then lunges for the knife. They struggle, during which she slashes him.

KERRY takes the chance and tries to run, but she trips, hits the table, and collapses heavily.

JOHN struggles to her. We see a deep wound in her head, and her neck appears to be broken. Our impression is that KERRY has died.

JOHN tries to get up, but stumbles and collapses to the floor.


This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

The author

Nick Miles has produced an extensive body of work over more than twenty years of work in various areas of creative writing, having worked commercially as a Copywriter and Editor in for Advertising and Marketing Agencies, through to having had several of his fictional works published.

Nick counts his studies within the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, History and Classical Literature, coupled with his love for travel to be his greatest source of inspiration.

He lives with his partner Sarah, and their dog Nandi.