I’m the F*t girl
A Poem by Tshepiso Biyela
I’m the Fat girl.

My body is the starter topic of small talk with family even though it is not so small
my thighs offend people making them feel uncomfortable and raising their urge to critique what I put into My body
“don’t eat too much, but clear your plate”
“how many times have eaten today”
yet when I eat too “little”
“don’t you want more, are you sure”
like I’m not the person inside My body
It’s MY body
but it’s not the only thing about me
my arms unsettle their souls because they haven’t learned to love theirs yet my tummy sends there consideration for my feeling out the window
their fingers poke and prod at my self-esteem until it is no more
I’m told to cover up “no one wants to see that” and each time I ask myself what is “that” I’m told what I can’t wear, what I should
“don’t show too much skin, your body is not appealing” “change your shorts they’ll make people uncomfortable”
who are those people
are they you?
The ones who stripped my love for my body away from me
the ones who made you think what you say is okay
Who. Are. Those. People?
Why are they offended by the space I take up?
why does every conversation start with “You’re so much bigger” and not a simple hello
have you ever asked yourself where your words travel too
where they go
where they land
and how hard they hit
whether or not they hinder my vision because to you I’m always just the Fat girl the one who doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human because she is too much human in one body
but when I state the fact that I am Fat your ears jump and your mouth “corrects” me in a split second
“No you’re not Fat, you’re pretty”

Why can’t I be both?
Why does the higher number on the scale take away my beauty when it should add to it

why can’t I be both? Pretty and Fat
Tshepiso Biyela is 16 year old Grade 11 learner at Wtaerfall Colege in Hillcrest North of Durban. Her passion is art, poetry, writing music, law and family.

In her free time she enjoys crocheting, pottery, painting and writing.
She’s an aspiring Lawyer but when asked what her dream job was she said “I don’t dream of labour, I’ve been working unpaid my whole life” but her preferred work would be Family-Law, Therapist, full time artist and multifaceted business woman. I want to travel, fall in love and live the SOFT LIFE, while my money works for me”