Harsha's Rotisserie Duck with Roasted Veg and Brandy and Orange Sauce

Winter calls for fire and wine…And Rotisserie Duck!

Ingredients and Method:


  • 1 x 2kg duck defrosted, rinsed out and dried using roller towel. If prepping in advance, leave in fridge overnight to airdry as this results in a crispier skin – bring to room temp before cooking
  • Mince a good amount of ginger and garlic
  • Make a dry rub with chilli salt, crushed black pepper.
  • Pierce the skin with a sharp pointy knife/fork but do not pierce into the flesh. Poke the skin and fat at least 50 times on the thickest fatty parts.
  • Sprinkle the dry rub all over inside and out.
  • Rub the ginger garlic paste inside only.
  • Stuff the inside some sprigs of thyme, 1 sprig rosemary removed from the stem, two thick slices of oranges cut in four.
  • Skewer onto rotisserie and leave aside for at least half an hour if you did not dry on the fridge overnight.
  • Cook over indirect heat. Heat coals and move to either side if the braai. Place an oven tray in the middle to catch the duck fat which is going to be used for roasting the potatoes.
  • Place the duck in the rotisserie and close. Cook for 30min without opening.
  • After 30min, using a sharp pointed knife, prick the fatty parts of the duck. Dip a basting brush in the fat drippings and baste.
  •  Close for another 30min.
  • Add the spiced potatoes to the drip pan and spread into the duck fat to coat. Prick the duck again on the fatty parts and baste the duck with the orange butter mixture. Close for another 30min but keep an eye on the potatoes as the heat is on either side and not in the middle. At this point you can 1 small thin piece of wood on either side for extra smokiness.
  • I cooked the duck in total for about 2hrs or so.
  • Once potatoes are cooked, remove from duck fat and leave in oven to keep warm.
  • Remove duck… use a thermometer if you have to check if done. I don’t so just winged it! Allow duck to rest under a tented foil for at least 10min.
  • Carve and serve with the roasted potatoes, roasted veg, brandy orange sauce.


I used UTD potatoes so did not need to steam in advance. Peel and chop approx 8 medium potatoes getting about pieces per potato. Smaller cuts result in quicker cooking time. Sprinkle with potato spice.


Chop any veg on hand. Bake at 200deg for 30min or until veggies cooked and slightly charred.


In a bowl add 2TBL butter, zest and juice of half orange, recipe called for orange marmalade which i did not have so used a jalapeno chilli jam which went perfectly, i also used jalapeno candy syrup as i like spicy instead of honey. Put in microwave until butter melted. Stir every 30secs.


Melt 2TBL butter with 2TBL brown sugar on medium heat. Add half cup Orange juice, some orange zest, 1 stock pot or cube, half cup water, quarter cup lemon juice, quarter cup brandy. Bring to a gentle boil and reduce to about half or less. Mix 2tsp corn-starch with 2tsp water to form a slurry and add to sauce. Stir and remove from heat. If too thick add a little orange juice and if too thin ad a tsp of corn-starch slurry.

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