Goo's on beachwood - Hotter than a Durban summer!

What’s hotter than a Durban Summer and cooler than a Polar Bear’s butt?
Goo’s on Beachwood!

This hip and happening venue is the place to chill, relax and of course be seen.
A place to experience the exquisite cuisine of Thailand right here on our doorstep!

The brain child of the incredibly talented Chef Goo, Goo’s on Beachwood is the epitome of cool chic done Durban style.

Chef Goo is a Thai Chef, with many years experience under his belt (apron?) and has been cooking for 20 years!
Learning to cook growing up in Thailand watching his elders in the kitchen, his dishes are nothing short of sublime.
When he relocated to South Africa in 1999, he had no doubt as to what he wanted to do..Cooking was his passion.
“I have been lucky enough to work at some great restaurants and hotels –  Bangkok Wok, Spicewok, Hilton Hotel and then Executive Chef of Onomo Hotel in 2020.

When COVID hit SA and the hospitality industry was so severely affected, I found myself being retrenched.”
Perhaps a serendipitous moment in disguise?
When he was offered a chance to set up shop at Beachwood Country Club, Durban North in collaboration with Aloe Beach Café he jumped at it.
“Goos on Beachwood is a dream come true for me.   It’s been a vision for so long.
We opened in the beginning of July, and it’s been amazing.  The support has been phenomenal, and I am truly grateful, especially in these trying times where so many restaurants are struggling.
Thai food is such an amazing cuisine!
It’s all about balance – achieving the perfect harmony between sweet, sour, hot and salty.
Pungent fresh herbs, such as lemongrass, lime leaf, holy basil & galangal tone down overpowering spices, while salty sauces are tempered with sugars and offset by acids, such as lemon and lime.
So many beautiful flavours to create amazing dishes!
I love making food that get mouths watering, and hope to be able to do this for many years to come.”

Chef Goo’s reputation for turning out truly exceptional food is legendary.

If you are in the mood for incredible food  in a perfect setting, then get yourself down to Goo’s on Beachwood and experience Durban’s hottest new venue!