dynamic duo! #empowered!

Maureen Govender and Rani Padayachee are an inspiration for any budding entrepreneurs!
From employee to owning the company..
These ladies show us how it’s done!

Maureen began her career in the hospitality industry as so many young people do – Working in a restaurant to make ends meet.

The hospitality bug bit, and after moving to the sleepy hollow of Pietermaritzburg, from an arguably sleepier KZN South Coast, she took up a position with Bidvest in Catering Equipment sales

. A move that laid the foundation for her career.

In 2018, ten years after moving to PMB Catering Equipment, Maureen and  childhood acquaintance  Rani Padayachee, who had started with the company in 2013, became the proud owners of the enterprise!

Maureen and Rani have known one another since childhood – Their fathers grew up on a farm together, and neither have ever forgotten the values instilled by their parents – “Hard work and integrity” – The values which now form the corner stone of all their business dealings and have accounted for their exceptional reputation in a cut-throat industry.

22 years later, these ladies are still going strong!

Maureen puts this down to her and Rani’s mutual love of people.
“Rani and I love helping people, which makes what we do easy.
We are like the yin and the yang.. I am the risk taker, while Rani is the level headed one, thinking carefully before making any decision”.

Surprisingly, (or not), Maureen feels that they have never experienced any negativity or prejudice being a woman in what some may say is a male dominated industry.
“we’ve always had amazing support from our customers. Our first year of takeover was the best ever for the company, with us doing a number of big Kitchen projects.
People recognize hard work and integrity and acknowledged us as professionals.” says Maureen.

For anyone wanting to get into the industry, it’s a dynamic and ever changing terrain.
Like all fields dealing with high tech equipment, advancements in technology play a significant role – no two clients’ requirements are the same – And of course no two clients are the same.

Maureen and Rani are of the belief that young people in South Africa have significant role to play in our countries future and have amazing opportunities for development and growth which past generations did not have.
“Part of our ethos is to help the younger generation to grow and realize their dreams.
If you want something badly, take that leap of faith. It’s better to have tried and failed then not to have tried at all. But always maintain  a good work ethic and integrity, and don’t compromise.
This is how we have managed to build and sustain such a successful business and reputation”

With a company founded on the basic principles or respect, integrity and hard work, Maureen and Rani aren’t resting on their laurels.
“We have a 5 year and a 10 year plan for PMB Catering Equipment.
We have incredible young people in our company who we want to help develop and grow within our organization.
We have stared a hiring side in our business which we expect will see significant growth in the near future. We have a vision of PMB Catering Equipment being a market leader in the supply and fitting of commercial kitchens in South Africa”

This dynamic duo have proven that success is a mind set..

“Believe in yourself, conduct yourself with integrity..and the sky is the limit!”