*warning - Adult content*

So me, I mind my own business.
Your shit is yours, my shit is mine.


But obviously when there’s this lady lying in the middle of the road, and there’s a stream of blood running down the hill from the massive hole in her head, you should at least check it out, I mean, chances are likely Doug’s involved, so I go, I lean over my gate.

There’s this big bald guy, and he’s got this dodgy looking girl’s head in his lap.
There’s another dodgy looking lady screaming about calling the police and calling an ambulance, and how they’re all going to go to jail for attempted murder, what, what, what.

My new neighbor’s there.

 He’s offering help, bags and ice, towels and supporting these people, telling them about how the people across from us, ie Doug’s lot are notorious drug dealers, and prostitutes, and degenerates etc. etc.
And fair enough, they are.

Wayne comes out of Doug’s, he sees me, he walks over, lights a cigarette. 

He says, “Fuck, this is bad”

I missed it. What actually happened?”

So he tells me that these guys came to collect a girl from Doug’s house. She didn’t want to leave. They were telling everyone at Doug’s they were the girls cousin , they were looking after her. They started arguing, the bald guy smacked Denzel with a bat, Denzel was going at them with bottles, and the girl got a chunk of her head chopped out.

So, obviously, I say: “Fuck. That’s bad.”

We stand there. He offers me a drag on the cigarette, I say no, I stopped a while back.

Then I ask if Denzel’s still inside, or if he’s bolted?

Wayne tells me that he jumped the fence into Karim’s, and got through onto the main road.

So, no shit, he’s long gone.

Eventually the cops come. They walk around the house, ask a few questions, the ambulance still hasn’t come, so they tell the bald guy to take the girl to hospital.

So, everyone piles into the van and the car, they all drive off. Wayne and I are still there. We’re chatting over my gate.

My new neighbour walks over and he’s saying how something needs to be done, and how these sweet people were just trying to get the poor, wounded lady’s cousin away from Doug’s notorious, sordid drug den, and how then they were horrifically attacked, etc. etc.

Then she walks off back to her spot, saying how innocent people get caught up in these drugs, and these evil people are ruining the neighbourhood.

Wayne and I agree, drugs are bad, and there are dodgy people screwing up the neighbourhood, and wave her off.

Wayne lights another cigarette, asks me if I know who the lady is.

So I say; “That’s Jackie from Belmont road, right? And the guy’s Simon?”


What our new neighbour doesn’t know is that the bald guy, Simon, and the lady walking around screaming for cops, is Jackie. They run a brothel on Belmont road. Everyone knows that it’s a really bad place, the ladies get beaten, and treated like shit, and get paid nothing, basically Jackie’s a real bitch.

Now we know this. Our neighbour doesn’t.

I also know who the girl they came for is.

She isn’t Jackie’s cousin.

She’s their only white prostitute. She often runs away from them and comes here, because obviously she knows most of the people living here, and this place is more supportive, Doug looks after the people who come here for help, that’s why I like him, that’s why I’ve got time for him, he’s actually a good guy, doing good things. That’s why the girl didn’t want to go back to her “cousins” when they came, she was terrified of them.

But our new neighbour doesn’t know all this.


Simon and Denzel obviously don’t get on, that’s another long story, but regardless, when a guy like Simon comes to your spot, angrily trying to rip this scared girl away from people who actually give a shit about her, then smacks you with a cricket bat, I can understand Denzel getting pissed and smashing bottles.

The girl who got cut is this hard-core lady who works at their spot, who often gets involved in stuff, so, I sort of get why her head was there, in the way, like..

Also, it’s a head wound.

Yes, there’s a long, dark stream, and the cut is long, but it’s shallow, the bone isn’t broken, and cuts on the head always bleed a lot. Everyone knows this, it looks horrific, but a couple of stitches and it’s fine.

Wayne and I chat a bit more, mainly about how Sam’s trying to deal with the kids.

He then goes off, back into the house when Kerry comes down the road. Me, I go back in my house, get my broom and start sweeping the glass on the road up.

You see. There’s always more to something than you think.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

The author

Nick Miles has produced an extensive body of work over more than twenty years of work in various areas of creative writing, having worked commercially as a Copywriter and Editor in for Advertising and Marketing Agencies, through to having had several of his fictional works published.

Nick counts his studies within the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, History and Classical Literature, coupled with his love for travel to be his greatest source of inspiration.

He lives with his partner Sarah, and their dog Nandi.