best of eisbein award

quarter 2 of 2021

Whose Piggy is perfect!?
The votes are in and have been counted!

The Tribe has spoken!

With an ASTONISHING 56% of the total votes cast, the winner of the best Eisbein for Quarter two of 2021 goes to

The Lookout

36 Newport Ave, Glen Ashley

Tel: 031 562 1415

quarter 3 of 2021

The Tribe has spoken!
The votes have been tallied!
The piggy that tickles us pink..
The Perfectly cooked Eisbein…

  With an ASTONISHING 93% (that’s right folks NINETY THREE PERCENT) of the votes…the award for Best Eisbein Q3 goes to….

The Lookout

A HUGE congrats from the GBN for taking this award two quarters in a row!

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