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Starting a Travel Vlog and living the life of a Digital Nomad?

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We chat with Chantal and Craig Bedingfield about the creation and growth of their hugely successful vlog, “Beingbedingfield”
Craig grew up in the coastal town of Toti, and Chantal in the small town of Waterfall.

After meeting at the iconic Durban July, they got engaged in 2017, married in 2018 and started their YouTube channel, Being Bedingfield, in 2019.
While studying Civil Engineering at UCT, Craig enjoyed making videos for friends on their birthdays.
When Chantal found out that iMovie came out as a free app on iPhone, she just had to get her hands on one to try her hand at editing videos.
Being a Sports Coordinator at a high school, she frequently made sports highlights videos for assemblies, and videos for colleagues and even family members.
As one of the first interests that this couple shared, it only made sense for them to start their very own YouTube channel.

Chantal had dreams of traveling the world since her aunt gifted her ‘It’s a big big world’ map book. Her dreams finally came true after university, when she landed a job as a fitness instructor on a cruise ship doing a world cruise.
Craig’s first trip abroad was to Canada a few months after meeting Chantal.
Since then, the couple have travelled extensively, to the Seychelles, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

While doing research for their Eurotrip, they came across various YouTube channels of people vlogging their experiences.
It was an instant addiction, and they resolved to create a vlog of their own.
While watching the vlogs, they came across the YouTube channel of the ‘Kara and Nate’, a young American couple traveling the world and capturing every second on their vlogs a Channel which was to prove to be their greatest influence.

When they started their own Channel at the end of 2019, COVID was the furthest thought on all our minds.. No one imagined how our world was about to change. International travel was out of the question, and they quickly shifted the focus of their vlogs to the local market.

A tip from this couple whose vlogs have been so incredibly successful – when starting your channel, make sure you cater to a specific niche.
Viewers want to know exactly what type of content they are going to get. It takes time to figure this out, but viewers are quick to comment about what content they enjoy most, and there will be a natural progression and change as you respond to what they prefer.

Chantal and Craig’s Channel focuses on things to do around KZN, with handy tips on things to do in various towns, experiences of different types of accommodation, restaurant vlogs and a host of seasonal events, markets,etc

Their videos take a considerable amount of planning and research, in particular the ‘what to do in’ vlogs.
They want their viewers to follow their exploring of each town, with an emphasis on the  ‘off the beaten path’ experiences.
Whilst they enjoy filming days, and give the appearance of being on a relaxing holiday, the process is exhausting, and doesn’t end with the filming.

Footage from all the devices needs to be copied to a laptop, backed up, sorted through and edited.
It’s at this stage that planning plays a particularly crucial role, with a comprehensive storyline allowing them to cut down the editing time considerably.
Editing of the vlogs can take anywhere from 1 to 3 full days, dependent on how detailed the video is.
Choosing the right music can be incredibly time consuming – This sets the mood and can either make or break a production.
This is followed by rendering and checking of the video, post which, if all is in order, it is uploaded to YouTube.

When uploading to YouTube, the thumbnail and title of the video is arguably the most important aspect.
Although incredibly time consuming, if this isn’t done correctly, and doesn’t catch viewers attention, the resultant viewership will be very low.
After time stamps and descriptions are added, allowing potential viewers to search for information, the video is shared on the various Social Media platforms, and the fun or responding to comments begins!

Whilst the effort and work involved in producing, editing and responding to the videos is considerable, both Chantal and Craig are adamant they believe it’s worth all the effort.

Particularly when milestones are reached!

It took them a year and a half to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, which is the threshold requirement for monetization (when adverts appear on videos).
They have managed to collaborate with BnB’s ,tour operators and a restaurant, which aids in their growth and success, and have connected and made friends with people from all over the globe who also enjoy creating and watching content.

Chantal and Craig’s advice when starting a Channel is something they heard when watching the Think Media YouTube Channel…
YouTube doesn’t find viewers for your video, but videos for the viewer.
Always keep your viewers in mind when creating videos, make sure it’s either helpful or entertaining to them.  
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